How Can I Contribute?

This blog exists to host and link to people doing post publication peer review of psychology articles. It needs your help – we need content and we need links to content.

I posted some peer review on my blog

Great! Send us a link ( and a little information about the post and we’ll post that on to this blog. If you like, I can add you as a user of this blog and you can post it yourself.

  • cite the paper in full APA
  • a brief introductory paragraph to entice people to read your post
  • a link to your post
  • some key words we can tag our post with (e.g. ‘social priming’, ‘replication’, ’embodied cognition’ etc)

I want to post some peer review but I don’t have a blog

Great! You can post to this blog, and you can do this in two ways:

  1. The best way is to ask to be added as a user of this blog. Email us your email address to and some information about your credentials in psychology. Students, etc welcome but we’d love to hear from active scientists too. You will then be able to use this platform whenever you like (for HIBAR posts only, though please).
  2. Email us ( the full post you would like hosted with links, reference to the paper, etc. We’ll post it when we have time.

I saw a HIBAR post on someone else’s blog

Great! Send us a link by email ( or Twitter.

I run a journal club

Great! Journal clubs are a good way to generate post publication peer review and get students involved in the process as well. Get your students to write up a report and submit it as either a link or a post (see above).

I reviewed a paper, recommended rejection but it got published anyway

Don’t worry; it happens a lot! We would be happy to host your review as a blog post (see above for the options).

I have time and a desire to help

Great! We need people to help wrangle the day to day (posting submissions, setting up new users etc). Send us an email and we’ll set you up.


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