Does the “why” tell us the “when”?

This article tests whether knowledge of how an event is supposed to go can affect your perception of how the event actually happens. They find that yes, it does; but, as I discuss on my blog, the nature of the event they used stacked the odds in favour of this odd result and so doesn’t actually answer the question they’re interested in. It’s a slightly subtle argument, but fundamentally the issue is that they have a serious methodological flaw.

Bechlivanidis C. & Lagnado D.A. (2013). Does the “Why” Tell Us the “When”? Psychological Science, 24 (8), 1563-1572.


About Andrew D Wilson

I am a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Leeds Beckett University. My research is in perception, action and embodied cognition.
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2 Responses to Does the “why” tell us the “when”?

  1. Hi Andrew, “…as I discuss on my blog,…” — is a broken link.

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